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Wisdom Teeth Extraction

The experienced, professional team at Anthony Spink Dental Suite provides a spectrum of solutions to suit the needs of all ages in our community. Whether you require a routine dental checkup or more complex work, rest assured that you’ll receive the highest standard of care at our practice.

The Difficulty With Wisdom Teeth

Teenager with teeth painWisdom teeth are the last teeth to grow in at the back of the mouth. They usually emerge in the late teens to early twenties. There can be problems, however, when there isn’t proper space in the jaw for the wisdom teeth to grow in.

Furthermore, it can be difficult to brush and floss these teeth, meaning that food can easily be lodged in your back teeth and cause cavities. If they don’t erupt properly or are compromising your oral health, the best solution may be to have them removed.

Our team is well-versed in the extraction of wisdom teeth and will ensure that you are comfortable throughout the procedure.

Signs of Infected Wisdom Teeth

There are several symptoms that may indicate your gums are infected from your wisdom teeth:

  • Bad breath
  • Fever
  • Difficulty swallowing and opening your mouth
  • Inflamed, swelling, painful or red gums
  • Pus around the gum
  • Sore or swollen lymph nodes under the jaw

Relieving Your Pain

The extraction of wisdom teeth doesn’t have to be associated with a high degree of discomfort. We do our utmost to make sure that you feel relaxed and know you’re in capable hands. It’s a commonly completed procedure at our practice, and you can be confident that we’ll keep your best interest in mind at all times.

We’ll evaluate your wisdom teeth and overall oral heath, including X-rays to understand your situation and how best to extract the teeth. We’ll advise you on all necessary aftercare so that the extraction site heals quickly and effectively with no complications.

Contact our team today to arrange your appointment or learn more about wisdom teeth extraction Brighton!

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