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Girl with panoramic xrayAt Anthony Spink Dental Suite, you can find a spectrum of services to suit your family’s every dental need. Adults and children alike want to enjoy showing off a gorgeous smile. But few are fortunate to be born with perfect teeth. If you’d like to have a more aligned look, we offer different orthodontic solutions to suit your needs: Invisalign®, Smilefast® and traditional braces.

Common Concerns Treated

We’ve invested in offering the most advanced orthodontics options along with traditional techniques. You can choose what suits your particular situation and budget. We’ll work with you to formulate a treatment plan to meet your smile goals.

The common concerns treated by our orthodontics include

  • Gapped teeth
  • Incorrect tooth placement
  • Misaligned jaws (underbite or overbite)
  • Overlapping teeth


Invisalign has quickly become a favourite around the globe for straightening teeth. It involves sets of clear aligners that are switched out at regular intervals, shifting your teeth into the desired position. Nobody has to know you’re wearing them, and the aligners can be taken out for social events or to eat.


Clear braces move your teeth efficiently with treatment times averaging just 6-9 months. Despite the advanced technology involved, it’s an affordable orthodontic option.

Traditional Braces

Metal braces can correct a broad array of issues and are suitable for all ages. You’ll have regular checkups during your treatment to ensure the best results.

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