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Little girl and mom smilingFissure Sealants

The team at Anthony Spink Dental Suite believes that an ounce of prevention is worth far more than a pound of cure. By stopping any potential dental issues in their tracks now, you can prevent serious and costlier issues from occurring in the future.

One such service that we offer to protect your child’s oral health is fissure sealants. These tooth-coloured films are applied to the molars, or back teeth, which are more prone to decay.

Extra Protection for Molars

The back teeth have deep grooves where it’s easy for bacteria and plaque to gather and make the acids that result in decay. A dental sealant may prevent the acids from building on the surface of the teeth.

The best time to receive fissure sealants is directly after adult teeth erupt, which generally happens around age 13. We’ll be happy to discuss whether fissure sealants are appropriate for your child.

Managing Your Child’s Oral Health

Fissure sealants are only a part of an effective management plan for good oral health. It’s essential that we work with your child to teach them how to care for their teeth and gums with brushing and flossing. Additionally, a fluoride treatment may be beneficial for your child.

The Process of Receiving a Fissure Sealant

The first step of receiving fissure sealants involves a thorough cleaning and drying of the tooth. A liquid version of the sealant is applied to the tooth’s surface, which can then easily flow into the grooves. The liquid is set into a solid with an ultraviolet light, sealing the tooth so that it’s smooth and easily cleaned.

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We offer same day visits and late opening hours that work around your child’s school schedule. Contact us today to book a time for fissure sealants Brighton! We’re providers with Medibank, HCF and MDF and process your health fund rebate on the spot with HICAPS.

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