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Align Your Smile—Without Anyone Knowing!

straight teeth  with invisible bracesThere is no orthodontic system in the world quite like Invisalign®. More than 5.5 million satisfied customers can agree! With Invisalign, you can align your teeth with transparent aligners that aren’t noticeable.

The many benefits of choosing Invisalign include

  • Nearly invisible. Nobody will know you have your aligners in.
  • Removable. Take them out to eat or go to a social event.
  • Comfortable. Made from a flexible material, the aligners are comfortable to wear.
  • Fewer checkups needed. You’ll visit us every 6-8 weeks to check your progress.
  • Clear timelines. You’ll know what to expect during each stage of treatment before getting started.
  • Improved oral health. Since you can take the aligners out to brush and floss, you won’t have to worry about decay in your teeth or damage to your gums.

Are You a Candidate for Invisalign®?

You might be wondering whether Invisalign is right for you. There is a myriad of concerns that can be addressed with Invisalign including overbite, underbite, crossbite, gaps, crowded teeth and open bites.

Adults and teenagers alike can use the Invisalign system, making it suitable for a broad range of ages.

Book Your Consultation With Us

You deserve to love the way your smile looks. Boost your self-confidence and know that you’re making an impactful first impression. Contact us today to book a consultation for Invisalign!

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